A-Z of 2017

December 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Obligatory end of year round up alert!!!!


2017 has has wizzed by and it has been bloody amazing.  


I have had the most amazing couples, whose weddings have been an absolute pleasure to shoot.

So many lovely families with crazy kids (some in horrible weather too!)

I've had the pleasure of second shooting with some awesome photographers.

I had some awesome shoots that come out of the blue and are random and I love them for that!

And to top it off, with the help of some awesome families booking their sessions, we have raised £500 split between Dementia UK and Help Refugees.


Now to the end of year picture round up, I thought I'd try an A-Z.  

If you've ever been subjected to the A-Z game you'll forgive my lame attempts at the trickier letters!!


2017 you have been awesome.  

2018 lets do this !!

A - Animals

I am an animal lover so if they are there I will often go and say hi and take a few pictures, because why not !?

B - Babies

Squishy little beautiful bundles of joy!  

It's not just you being biased as parents, yes they are the most gorgeous thing in the world x

C - Cake


So many pretty cakes.

D - Dress 

Not just any Dress, THE Dress!

E - Eats

Simple or fancy it's hard earned on the big day.  Treat yourself!

F - Flowers

So so pretty.

G - Group Shots

Stand in a line and give me your best smiles ;-)

H - Hugs

Who doesn't love a massive hug? Wedding hugs are the best.

I - Iphones (other makes are available)

Selfie time!

J - Jumping

Why not, eh!?

K - Kisses

If you can't unashamedly do a whole load of public displays of affection on your wedding day when can you?

L - Laughing

So much laughing your face hurts and you've probably forgotten what was so funny x


M - Make up... and hair

Getting ready with your best people around you and being pampered, pretty awesome.

N - No rules

White dress or no white dress? 

Avoid each other the day of the wedding or see each other before?

Wear white sparklies or comfy shoes?

Lovely poetry or a lovely little story?

Traditional cake or all the CHEESE!!!

There are NO rules so make it yours xxxx

O - Open bar!!

Cheers !!


P - PARTY!!!

Q - Quality time

Just a few minutes alone for pictures and whisper to each other 'WE DID IT!!'

R - Rings

S - Shoes

T - Transport

U - Umberella

British weather, eh!

V - Veil

Pretty, occasionally tries to take off but so pretty.

W - Wedding...... See other pictures...

X - X Factor

A DJ is great but live music is awesome.

Y - Young and wild

I adore the craziness of kids, it's a good job I do with two monsters of my own !

Z - Zzzzzzzz

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh nap time!


Massive loves and thanks to all of my clients from 2017!