Hi I'm Lisa and I am Blue Fox Photo.

I think it's super important to have a photographer you get on with so here are some things about Blue Fox Photo and me.


Blue Fox Photo.

I started Blue Fox in 2009, when I started I did loads of motorsport stuff but quickly moved over to weddings and families.  

Shooting weddings is amazing fun, I like to photograph as an observer so just follow the laughter or action. My style is unobtrusive and relaxed.

During a wedding the only posing as such is for the formal group shots (you with your family, bridesmaids etc) and a little during your couples pictures. That's it, the rest are natural.

I often shoot with Helen who is Helen Hates Peas Photography, she is an absolute rock star photographer and we make a fab little team.

I use Nikon equipment, I'm fully insured and am a Welcome Home graduate and am in The Guild of Photographers.


Things about me

  • I grew up around motorsport and classic cars (I get really excited about a cool wedding car)
  • I'm a firm believer that if a problem can't be fixed by a good brew then it must be serious
  • I don't watch much TV but can watch Simon Pegg films, Star Wars, Red Dwarf, Black Books, Green Wing, Father Ted and The IT Crowd over and over.  Also we are parents so Disney films, Hey Duggee and Sarah and Duck.
  • Easily distracted by animals, I have a Dog who is awesome (I love him!)
  • I am a big music lover. So don't be surprised if there is some shapes thrown later on the dance floor.
  • I am a farm girl from Shropshire so am super at home in a pair of muddy wellies.
  • I once won a Mars bar for most creative picture featuring a plastic fork at College in 2007.
  • I don't really like Mars bars


I'd love to hear about you.