Hi I'm Lisa and I am Blue Fox Photo.


I started Blue Fox in 2009, when I started I did loads of motorsport stuff and thought I would be some sort of rock star motorsport photographer.  A friend asked me to shoot their wedding and I was hooked.

Shooting weddings is amazing fun, I like to photograph as an observer so just follow the laughter or action. My style is unobtrusive and relaxed.

During a wedding the only posing as such is for the formal group shots and a little during your couples pictures. That's it, the rest are natural.

I use Nikon equipment, I'm fully insured and am a Welcome Home graduate.


Things about me

  • I am married with two children so nothing can scare me now.
  • Motorsport and classic cars were my first photography passion  (I get really excited about a cool wedding car)
  • Loves spooky stories and has been on ghost hunts.
  • I'm a very bad gardener, but still I persist.
  • Easily distracted by animals, if there is a dog at a wedding I will be making friends with them.
  • I am a farm girl from Shropshire so am super at home in a pair of muddy wellies.
  • I once won a Mars bar for most creative picture featuring a plastic fork at College in 2007.
  • I don't really like Mars bars


I'd love to hear about you.