Thanks so much for choosing a newborn shoot with me.

The ideal time is in baby's first two weeks; this is because baby is normally still very scrunched up and happier to be posed.

The session may take up to 4 hours, as the baby is always the boss.  Ideally I'd like baby to be recently fed and ready for a big sleep, the best opportunity to get posed images is when baby is in quite a deep sleep.  I never push a baby if they are not fully settled or won't go into a pose easily, this is for baby's safety.  If a baby isn't settling easily or is under the weather I will always try to rearrange where possible.

I have received training and mentoring on newborn photography with Laura Rhian ( this most importantly covered safely posing baby and safely using props so you'll find that the session is very hands on.

I bring my special beanbag and props with me and will set them up somewhere light, so if there is an especially bright window please try to make space before the session.  Also it helps to make the room warm and cosy beforehand, especially if we are having baby in nothing but a nappy.  

If you have any special outfits, toys or blankets you would like to include I am happy to incorporate them into some pictures.

If baby has older siblings I am happy to include them in a few photos and of course if you'd like some altogether I am happy to do this.  As a parent of a toddler I know they can quickly get bored so I do ask that they have some kind of distraction during the session so I can spend time focusing on baby.

After the shoot I will edit the images in a mixture of colour and black and white and put them onto a private gallery for you.  You can either order prints from me, I do advise this as I use a professional lab and the colour and print quality is exceptional alternately you can download the image from the gallery and used your preferred printer. 

I always state that you will receive at least 10 images; this is the bare minimum and is normally more than this.

If you have any questions at any point I am happy to chat x

[email protected]


Lisa x