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Love affair with film

March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

If you visit my page you'll see I don't blog very often, in fact hardly ever.  

The thing is I get to the keyboard and don't know what to say.  I felt however I would pop up a big post about my personal love affair with film.


Photography is such a wonderful thing and quite literally everyone can take part (even my 3 year old enjoys using my less precious cameras)  That is the beauty of digital, so forgiving and disposable.

(Above Photograph By J Dams - Age 3 years)

I have a bit of an obsession for vintage and old fashioned things (hasn't everyone these days!)  I love the effort and craftsmanship and design that went into vintage garments, and classic vehicles.

'Vintage' cameras are the same (although I can't say my fluorescent pink plastic supersnaps camera was)

I have countless Polaroids, 70's Olympus, Zenits and various other I'm not certain even work, They are all works of art, beautiful to look at and inspiring to operate.

In the new year I decided to dust them off and get playing again, in particular the Olympus 35 Trip and the OMG (I adore that it's called OMG!)


I've raided that hidden shelf in Boots and got a good supply of Ilford Film and am ready to rock.  

I even managed to get my hands on a darkroom setup from one of those pages on Facebook, a very generous chap was giving it away as he hadn't used it for a while.  So not only do I have a newfound obsession with 35mm film, I am armed with the kit to play at being a chemist/wizard!

Basically the whole point is that it is back to basics, hands on, proper old school photography.  

I won't be shooting any weddings with this stuff but I'll be having a wonderful time messing about with solutions and light, just like the olden days...




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