Hurray! You have booked your wedding photography.


What do we do now?

If we haven't already lets have a meet up if we can.  

It is great just to meet in person to just rattle through what happens on the day and what to expect, I can bring my camera to and do a few portraits too if you fancy.  If we can't meet in person I am happy to have a chat on FaceTime or just on the phone.

What to expect on the day?

We will agree what time you'd like me to arrive and where so when I rock up I will say hi and get stuck in taking pictures. 

At first you may be conscious of me but after a while you will hardly notice me. I normally bob in and out if there is stuff going on outside of where you are getting ready, however I am always mindful of missing anything big like you getting the dress on etc.

Obviously every wedding is different so depending on the logistics I try to leave the preparation location with enough time to comfortably get to the ceremony in good time to get a few pictures of some guests arriving.

At this point I always find your officiant to introduce myself and check if they have any ground rules.  Some officiants have strict rules regarding photography so I do my best to make sure I can do my job as best I can during the ceremony.  

Please be aware that it is possible the officiant may restrict me to one place or restrict me shooting in part or very rarely all of the service.  I strongly advise mentioning it to your officiant, restrictions are rare but it is worth a mention.


After the ceremony I normally just take candid shots of the hugs and milling around.  It is around this time that could be ideal for a group shot of everyone as people tend to have not gone too far (bar, comfort breaks, cigarette breaks etc) and straight after this is a good opportunity for a confetti shot if you are having one.

I find a basket of confetti works well if you are providing it.  If your guests are already together we split them into two lines, offer the basket so they can grab a handful then you can walk through and get drenched in petals.


In the time before food is a great time to get the 'formal' pictures done.  With the formal pictures I like to get it done as swiftly as possible. I need a little pre planning from you, if you can make a list for me before the day with itemised groups so for example -

Us, Mum, Dad, Aunt Fanny and Uncle Bob.

Us with My sister and her kids.

I also ask that you get someone in your wedding party to assist me. This way someone who can easily put names to faces can get people on nearby ready for the pictures.  A loud authoritative voice is also a bonus here!

I also like to use the time before you eat to grab you both for some portraits and if you have kids (or pets present) I do this as quick as possible to get you back to your people.





What do I need to do now

To secure your date I'd like your booking fee and filled out booking form.

I like to meet my couples and make sure we're on the same page.  We are going to be spending one of the most important days of your life together, lets at least have a chat over a brew first!

Please try to give as much information as possible on the form, I like to have the full picture so to speak.  

I advise that we do at most 10 family group shots straight after the service. Have a think who you'd like in these photos and please make a list for us.

Bear in mind too, when planning the timeline for the day that at some point I will need to drag the two of you off for some nice pictures of just you two (for about 30 mins).  Depending on the light before or after the meal is normally best.  This also gives you a few minutes to chill out together during the craziness of the day!


How do I secure the date?

I ask for a £150 booking fee (this is deducted from the total) to secure your date, all the payment options are on the booking form.


Are there any hidden charges?

No! You get our time shooting on the day, your USB and online gallery.  With your USB image files you can order prints from any printing service of your choice, or you can also purchase prints straight from your online gallery page.


I need to cancel!

That's ok.  These things happen.  If you are cancelling up to 14 days after booking you will have your booking fee returned.  If you are cancelling anywhere from 14 days after booking to one month before your wedding date I retain the booking fee.  If you cancel in the month before the wedding 50% of the total value is due, this is because it is unlikely I will fill that date with such short notice.


Terms and conditions...

I'll try to keep this short as it's the boring bit!

All the images are for personal use.  This basically means that you can print as many times as you like, share on social media to friends and family, email it to friends and family or using it for those cute christmas cards that grandparents always adore!  Please don't give them to anyone for commercial use. (Say for example you had your hair done by a hairdresser, you can't give the picture to the hairdresser for them to advertise their business.  Send them over to me and I can sort them out a copy with a discreet logo in the corner.


And of course if you have any questions at all just drop me a message or call me

[email protected]

07886 549561 (10am-6pm if it goes to voicemail please leave one or text me I will get back to you, I live in the countryside and signal is terrible!)